Insurance For Tree Service Companies.

Navigating the world of insurance can be interesting with so many challenges, questions, and apprehensions.

This is a part of my life as an insurance agent. I spend hours speaking with some of the largest clients in the nation while helping them come up with meaningful coverage options for their businesses. One of the businesses I recently spoke to was a local McKinney tree service company. This was a company that was looking to take the next step with its enterprise and truly push it to the next level.

In a bid to do this, it was time to look into the merits of business insurance and what it could do for them.

We discussed a multitude of options since this is one of the premier tree service companies in all of Texas. They have a large client base and offer a wonderful assortment of services on a daily basis. Since I knew they were a legitimate option, I had to go through a series of features for their specific coverage.

We were able to discuss all of the options and come together for a valid business insurance plan to meet their underlying needs. It’s important to note what works for one company doesn’t always work for another. This is something I always incorporate into the discussions as each option is laid down on the table.

In the end, I was happy to work with this tree service company in McKinney because they were thoroughly professional and made sure we were on the same page immediately. It keeps things simple and I was able to help them with their insurance needs. Since I have worked with several companies, I can easily claim this to be one of the better teams in the Texas area. They were able to learn quickly and professionally!

What to Know About Insuring Your Car For Business Use

Chances are if you drive a company car you’re covered. However, what if you just drive to various locations for your company in your own vehicle? It all depends on the situation you drive your car in.

If you work for a large corporation, be sure to check about your policy in regards to using your car on company business. There’s a good chance they may have coverage, and it may even take precedence over your own personal auto insurance policy. When receiving word from your employer that this type of expense is covered by them it is always good to get the information and store it in your car so you can have it handy if ever needed. In the untimely event of an accident make sure you tell authorities you were driving on business. The accident should be covered by your personal policy anyway, but this opens up the possibility that your employer may have it covered so your premiums won’t be effected.

For delivery people and those who use their cars as a taxi or limo service, it is recommended to get extra coverage on these vehicles. A commercial auto insurance policy may be a little more expensive than a personal policy, but if the insurance company doesn’t know your using it for business purposes they could deny your claim anyway. Anyone using their car more than 50 percent of the time for business purposes needs to greatly consider getting commercial coverage for their vehicle.

When dealing with rental cars, always be sure to let the rental company know that this is a business rental. This way if anything does happen the rental car company will know enough to contact your employers car insurance carrier. Most times any rental car accidents will be covered by your own personal car insurance policy, but again, if your employer has the coverage then you need to use it.

Be sure to check with your employer on any non-owned policies they may have. It could be worth while for companies that deal with renting cars all over the world to think about adding “non-owned auto” clauses to their policies. This way they will supply your coverage even though it is not a company vehicle. 

Insuring your car for business purposes has it’s pros and it’s cons, but overall it is always good to be safe rather than sorry. Getting the proper car insurance for any vehicles you use during the course of your business is something that can be very important to you as an individual, but even more to your business.